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Features and Future Development

To be a part of the planned university expansion in Cigu Campus, and to support local development of featured biotechnology industry, we will strengthen our research programs in medical and health studies, in developing bioactive reagents, pharmaceutical application, and functional food products, and in genetic engineering to improve the quality and productivity of microbes, plants, and aquaculture animals.


There are four major research areas:

  • Medical biotechnology: biopharmaceuticals, oncology, nanomedicine, biomarkers, apoptosis, reproductive medicine, environmental pathology and ciliopathy.
  • Plant biotechnology: molecular evolution, molecular biology, plant tissue culture and gene transfer, and functional genomics in algae.
  • Microbial biotechnology: development of healthy foods and cosmetic products, fermentation.
  • Aquaculture biotechnology: molecular endocrinology, systematic biology in aquaculture.



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